Snake Kit

Here is the Athena Parthenos Snake, made as a kit, a tilable body in Designer and a baked Head in ZBrush. Material layering of both parts have been made in Painter. This recipe was so versatile that some other artists reused it in other places :) .

During the Assassin's Creed Odyssey production I was Texture Artist, at first I helped to create the Architectural Workflow where Modelers needs and Texture Artists constraints were synchronized. I also helped along the production to build in game materials, make follow up with in house or external artists and some Substance or Art related trainings. Later on in production I helped on various task such as environment Props or Character Weapons.

Art Direction, Thierry Dansereau
Lead Art Architecture, Dominic Gladu-Despatis
Leads Art Props, Ariane Trottier and Jimmy Malachier

Vincent derozier props snake 2
Vincent derozier props snake 3
Vincent derozier props snake 4
Vincent derozier vincent derozier assassin s creed odyssey snake 5

Here is the Snake at the feet of Athena Parthenos which is the first use it was design for.